BOPP Adhesive Tape

Manufacturer & Exporter of BOPP Tape for Various Sectors of Industries. Our product range is widly used for box packing application. Materilas are being manufactures by quality of adhesive using superior of BOPP film for Strong and Good Adhesion capacity. We Manufactired BOPP Tapes in Verious Grade, Verious Thickness, Customised Sizes and Miters. BOPP Tapes are Avaliable in Signle, Double and Multicolors as per customer's Requirement.

Products Parameter:


Transparent, Brown, Milky White, Black, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, and Multi color

Printing :

  • Width/Length:9MM and On Ward Regular Sizes
  • Thickness:34 MICRONS ~100 MICRONS
  • Elongation/Temperciance:45%/24#
  • Tensile: ≥ 68N/25mm
  • Adhesion:≥13N/25mm
  • Permanent Adhesion:72H

Products Introduce:

Brown, Transparent, Not Change Colour deterioration, easily torn off and easy to use, applicable to the general closure paste, fixed broken adhesive paper and other office uses or small pieces of cultural relics banding.

  • BOPP Self Adhesive Tapes / Cello Tape Rolls:

    Available in Transparent And Brown For Normal Regular use.

  • Color BOPP Tapes :

    BOPP Tapes are Also Available in Different Colors.
    Main Application for Box Packing in Industrial Use.
    Office Purpose and Other Packing Adhesive Related Application.
    Various Adhesive Industrial Application.

  • Printed BOPP Tapes :

    Rotograviur Printing in Single Color, Two, Three, Four and Multi Color On Plain and Color BOPP Tape is Customized as Per Requirement.