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aluminum tape, metal tape, foil tape, Aluminum Foil Tape, Silver tape, Gold tape, Characteristic:

aluminum tape, is Light silver, Purple Out light Protective, Fire Proof ,Can against more chemicals corrode, used in out, fit different temperature.

Aluminum foil tape, Features :

Steel Tape, Metal tape, Copper Tape, Silver Tape, Gold tape, Foil Tape, High strength foil conforms well, has Puncture resistance and high resistance with superior Performance at low temperature & high Humidity. Recommended for use at normal & high temperature.

Aluminum Tape, Aluminum Foil Tape, Steel Tape, Metal Tape, Silver Tape, Foil Tape, Gold Tape, Copper Tape, aluminium tape roll, aluminum duct tape, Applied :

Improved Vapor Sealing Fiber glass Duct Board, Duct Wrap, Thermal Insulation, Motor, Connect Wire for Hot - Proof, Waterproof, Dust Proof used in Outdoor. Connect of Reflect Insulate for cold and hot , Can use in Piping

Outdoor Weather Able:

Resist UV degradation, ensures Long Lasting Performance.

Aluminum tape and Aluminum Foil Tape Vibration Damping:

Aluminum Tape, Metal Tape, Copper Tape, Steel Tape, Silver Tape, Aluminium Foil Tape, Foil tape, Aluminum Duct Tape, AC Foil tape, Adhesive+foil tape, Damp resonant vibration for noise control Aluminum Foil tape, Reinforced Tapes, Highly Conformable & Ideal for spiral wrap heat and flame protection of cable, hoses and harnesses. Wrapped flexible hoses retail flexibility

Aluminum foil Tape rolls, High Strength:

Steel tape rolls, metal tape rolls, foil tape rolls, copper tape rolls, metalic tape, are Good wear ability, high tear and puncture resistance

Aluminium foil tape, Aluminum Tape Rolls, Flame Resistant:

Aluminium Foil tape, Aluminium tape, Steel tape rolls, metal tape rolls, foil tape rolls, Gold tape, Silver tape, metalic tape, foil tape, Help protect parts from flame and heat damage

aluminum tape, aluminum foil tape, Damping Foils Noise Reduction:

aluminum+tape+roll, aluminum+foil+tape+roll, Metal+Tape+Roll, Steel+Tape+Roll, Foil+Tape+Roll, Copper+Foil+Tape+Roll, gold+tape+roll, Silver+tape+rolls, tape+rolls, Unique polymer converts vibration to negligible heat

We manufacture a wide range of products to different specifications to suit our client's requirement. We are the Good manufacturer of different Cloth base self adhesive and non-adhesive products, in rolls as per Customer specification and Requirement Both in Water Proof and Non Water Proof.

Non Water Proof Cloth Tapes are available With and With Out Release Liner, High Tack. Easy Release up to the Paper Core.

Applied to : Textile Machinery, Mills, Edge, Reinforcement,

Cloth - Water Proof Tape are Available With Poly Coated With High Tack Acrylic / Rubber Adhesive. Applied to : General Purpose, Industrial Application, Sealing sheet, Metal Ducts.

With a strong peel strength, tack, tensile strength, oil wax, anti-aging, heat, cold, leak-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, insulation and easy-tear of a high-sticky tape. The weight categories of articles suitable for packaging, machine-dust, moisture, scratches and other protection, folders, reinforcement, non-slip, printing, screen printing, hardware, electrical appliances.

Products Parameter

Basement:Polyethylene and gauze fibe

Color: Multicolor

Width/Length: 3mm~1020mm/3m~1000m

Thickness: 0.185mm±0.05mm

Elongation/Temperciance : 20%/28#

Tensile : ≥360N/25mm

Adhesion : ≥46N/25mm

Permanent Adhesion : >72H

Double Side Cotton / Cloth Tape


Double Sided Cloth Tape is two-sided high performance sensitive adhesive tape coated on a cloth carrier which is mainly used in carpet joint seaming, factorizes as removing without residue.

Feature & Benefits

Easy to install and tear by hand;
High tack and good temperature resistance;
Applicable to various irregular surfaces;
Removed easily without leaving residue.


Carpet hold-down specially designed for conventions & exhibitions;Temporary mounting for assembly or machining operations; Print plate mounting.

Double-sided Tape, taking Tissue Paper for the basic Material and Coated With Hotmelt Glue,has excellent Adhesion and endurance bonding Strength, With features like Anti - Rebound, Warp, High Temperature- endurance, for a variety of basement Products, it has a Very Strong Adhesive Force, Applicable to the Packaging, Advertising, Office, Hardware and Other fields.

Colour : Yellow and other

Products Parameter

Basement:Tissue Paper

Adhesive : Hotmelt

Width/Length: 3mm~1000mm/3m~100m

Thickness: 0.070mm~0.16mm

Elongation/Temperciance : 3%/25#

Tensile : ≥48N/25mm

Adhesion : ≥46N/25mm

Permanent Adhesion : >72H

Duct Tape is Polyethylene Coated Cloth backing with release Material, Single Coated with a high Performance Sensitive Adhesive. Polyethylene Plastic backing is for Water Proofing.

Cloth middle layer facilitates tearing by hand. The Adhesive holds good Peel force, tack, stretching Resistance, Aging Resistance and Weather ability.

Beautiful appearance, High Adhesion, High Tensile Strength, Easy Hand-Tear and Comfortable to use.

Applications :
  • Sealing Duct Work.
  • General Purpose for Packing and Enlacing.
  • Carpet Joint Seaming.
  • Masking and Protection in Painting.
  • Suitable for Surface Protection,
  • Sealing Corrugated Boxes,
  • Repair and Patch
  • Construction Waterproof Projects
  • Feature of Duct Tape
    • Size : 12MM – 100MM
    • Thickness: 0.13mm~ 0.30mm
    • Made from PVC as backing material
    • Coated with Rubber Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive
    • Colour : Various Colours
    • Adhesive: Rubber
    • Good PVC Film and Rubber, Moisture Resistant
    • Peeling strength: more than 1.6/1.8 (N/cm)
    • Tensile: more than 16-28N/cm
    • Tensile strength: 160%
    • Voltage broken down: 6.0kv, 8.0kv

    Length and Width available according to Customers Requirement Different Size and Colours is available.

    Filament Tape

    A tough and resilient mono filament tape that is tear and burst resistant, ideal for reinforcing cartons and containers, or strapping and banding heavy goods or export consignments.

    Coated with a powerful adhesive that sticks instantly to all paper and board surface and continues to grip long after application.

    Product Description

    ADHESIVE TYPE Hot-melt rubber
    TYPE Stria/filament
    TAPE COLOR Clear
    ADHESION TO STEEL(N/inch) ≥10
    BREAKING STRENGTH(N/inch) ≥380
    ELONGATION(%) ≤8
    CHARACTERISTIC All-purpose

    HDPE Tape

    HDPE Tapes are Mainly Available in Gray, Black and White Colors. And In Standard Size and Length. For Wide Range Of industrial Application.

    Features : High Strength Reinforced Fabric Tape, Good Adhesion strength comes with a Release Liner

    PP Woven Tape

    Description : Structures: USES:
    It is designed for the corrosion protection of new and existing pipelines. The coating layer consists of a tough, woven polypropylene backing with a high tack butyl rubber adhesive.It’s also used for both metallic pipelines and waterproofing works against outdoor bad weathers . Excellent adhesion to pipe and self Flexibility provides extra protection at vulnerable areas Compatible with common pipe coatings Excellent resistance to cathodic disbonding Can be applied over a wide temperature range Good conformability and consistent uniform thickness Heavy duty butyl bitumen compound adhesive ensures a strong bond & impervious seal. Waterproofing membrane for basements,sub structures and flat deck applications. plazas, bridge, vehicular traffic structures, or parking decks overlaid with an asphalt concrete wearing course. Tough, high performance waterproof membrane for critical substructures and civil engineering works. Provides a vapor and waterproof membrane to water excluding structures and protects concrete from attack by aggressive ground salts. Protection for wall ,floor, roof, corner, basement etc. to against from attack by bad weather, rain, acid alkaline salt

    Masking tape is made from crepe paper as the backing material which is coated with Ruber based adhesive. The Adhesive is formulated so that it leaves no traces after removing the tape.
    It is Widely applied to household and industry for bunding, sealing, holding surface protection. It can also protect egdes of mirror or glass against hurting people. The temperature can be 60 degree, 80 degree, 120 degree. So you can choose the right temperature of masking Tape according to your needs.

    Tech. Specification :
    High Temp resistant Good adhesion and holding power Conformable and flexible Clean removal
    Backing Saturated crepe paper
    Adhesive Natural rubber based, non-staining, solvent spread, cured.
    Total Thickness 0.15 mm • 5.8 mil
    Adhesion 34 N/100 mm • 30 oz/in
    Tensile Strength 280 N/100 mm • 16 lb/in
    Temperature Resistance 130 °C • 266 °F - 60 minutes
    Colour Natural
    Description :

    With the capability of high viscosity, tensile resistance, toughness, easy to paste, Non-degenerate, dont change colour, etc. we can print the Trademark logo,characters, etc on the film according the customers instruction.

    Application :
    • Shelf identification.
    • For securing polyethylene sheeting to walls during painting.
    • Plywood patching tape.
    • Splicing tape.
    • Most masking applications in spray and brush painting.
    • Light bundling and packaging.
    Distinguish the Goods, Special Marks Seal the Packaging , Caution, Advertising, etc Benefits :  Conformability, Strength, No residue on removal (if used in temperature specs.), Tears easily / Non-staining

    PVC Insulation tapes find wide application in electrical applications for their good adhesion and insulation properties. The tape is coated with specially formulated adhesives that make it resistant to moisture, alkalis and oils.

    Advantages : Application :
    • Excellent insulation property
    • Resistant to chemicals
    • Pressure-sensitive tape
    • Excellent adhesion
    • Temperature resistant
    • Coated with specially formulated adhesives
    • Excellent insulation property
    • Resistant to moisture, alkali, high voltage and oils
    • Protect the wire from corrosion
    • Pressure-sensitive tape
    • Electrical wiring
    • Wire harnessing
    • Degaussing application
    • Electronic industries
    • Insulate electrical wires

    SURFACE PROTECTION FILM is specially Manufactured to avoid damages to the product such as scratches, Removal of paints etc. The specialty of this Film is that it Leaves No adhesive residue on removal. At the time of Production, transportation & processing lot of damages is cause to the product, to prevent the finish product & avoid scratches, this Film is the Ultimate solution. The Film is matched by mechanical & excellent performances. It has coating of a Polymer Adhesive which contain no solvent which are injurious to Product.

    Surface protection for metal sections, decorative trims & facings of the modular kitchen furniture's are usually protected with the low tack PET, LDPE & PE film based PSA tapes to protect the surface from scratches, bird dro page etc. at the time of transportation, an obvious requirement of the industries now a days.

    To fulfill the needs of the industries AIPL offers to its customers various grades of residue free PE, LDPE & PET film based Surface protection tapes Available In Black and White and Transparent With Various Sizes and Various Thickness.

    Description :

    Cold applied tape coating system for corrosion protection of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, and Waste Water underground or overhead pipelines. The outer-layer tape backing shall be compounded so that it will be resistance to outdoor weathering. The outer-layer tape shall be applied after the inner-layer tape by hand or with a wrapping machine.

    Structure :

    The specification of the tape consists of two layers, adhesive layer and film backing Adhesive: butyl rubber Outer layer: Special blend of stabilized polyethylene.

    Features :

    • Excellent adhesion to inner-layer tape and self
    • Resistant to UV
    • Can be applied over a wide temperature range
    • Good conformability and consistent uniform thickness
    • Easily applied with no special equipment
    • Compatible with common pipe coatings
    • Excellent resistance to catholic disbanding
    • Meets ASTM D 1000 Standard
    • Cold applied

    Acrylic adhesive clear double side tape. A high strength, clear, UV resistant double-sided film. Has high adhesion and shear strength. Heat and solvent resistant. A good general purpose, permanent tape. heat resistant is 180 Application: Make sure surface is wiped clean and is dry. Apply tape and pressure to item being bonded. Tape will bond immediately, within maximum strength reached in 5 hours. it is design for fix two aluminum board,or glass board,or acrylic board together
    High quality Structural Glazing Tape dominates our collection of Tapes. Made up of superlative raw materials, our Glazing Adhesive Tape is popular for excellent tack and adhesion, high cohesion strength, and resistant to heat. Moreover, our Tapes are also resistant to oil, water, and other solvent. It is available in various shapes, width, and length as per the requirements of the customers. However, we offer superlative Glazing Tapes in numerous colors. As the result, we are identified as the most prominent Manufacturer and Exporter of Double Sided Glazing Tape in the Indian as well as International Markets.

    Benefits :- Suitable for Features
    • Extreme Strong adhesion
    • Water and dirt sealing
    • Shock & vibration reduction
    • High temperature & chemical ,UV resistance
    • Replaces mechanical fasteners or welds in stiffener
    • Attachments and Eliminates drilling and welding rework

    Usage in Appliance & Electronics, Transportation, Metal Fabrication & Signage, Structural Glazing & Architectural Panel.

    Size:12MM – 100MM
    Pack Of12 pcs
    Width :12mm
    Adhesive Type Acrylic


    • Easy to assemble, no drilling, riveting, welding or screw fastening.
    • Damps vibration and absorbs impact.
    • Tolerates differential thermal extortion or contraction.
    • Excellent seal against water,moisture and dust.
    • Quick and easy to apply, saves time and labour costs.
    • Greater bonding strength.
    • Resistance to uv, temperature extremes and chemicals.
    • Ideal for bonding to a variety of substrates such as most metals, glass, plastics, composites and painted surface.
    • Effective in corrosion protection.
    A Wide Range Of Warning Tapes are Available With Different Sizes, Colors and Thickness. This PVC Tapes May Available With Printed Materials And With Out Printed Regular Plain Materials.