Foam Sheet Rolls

Available in Rolls, Cuttings, Sheets and Various Shape Of Bags and Pouches as Per the Needs of Customers :

WE OFFER EPE Foam for Non Cross links and also we Offer Cross Link Foam Sheet. PACKAGING SUCH AS Rolls, Sheets, Bags, Non Cross Link Foam Sheets available inCUT-PIECES, POUCHES, Insu -TUBES, Backup RODS, Profile Section, Fruit Nets, SLEEVES, Cross Link Foam Sheets available in Sheets only Very high Protective.

Cushioning ,Shock Absorption ,Flexibility , Soft, Abrasion Resistance , Light Weight ,Oil, water & Moisture Resistant Thermal Insulation, Sound / Vibration, Dampener Wider Temperature Range, Resiliency, Non Toxic Hygienic and Fungal Resistant. Application Protective Packaging , Automobile Industries for Seats Electronic Industries, Used as Fitments for Printers, Computers, etc. Engineering Industries ,Handicraft Furniture, Medical Equipments, Artillery Boxes, etc

Standard available Thickness : 1 mm to 24 mm and above as per Requirement . Standard Width : 1000 mm, 1250 mm, 1400 mm, 1500 mm,
White and Black are available in Regular Color and Various others are as per Customized.


EP Foam sheet - NON Cross Link Foam Sheet


Cross Link Foam Sheet